Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rajaji on Sri Sri Prakasa and Nehru’s policies :

Rajaji writes about Sri Sri Prakasa and Nehru's policies  :


Hear Sri Sri Prakasa, veteran patriot who can justly be called  
a born congressman whose disinterested attachment to the Indian
National Congress dates from the Home Rule movement up to date :


"For me, after fifty years in public life, the pain is intense
when I see what the private citizen has come to, and what power
has been vested in the hands of those who are in Government employ.


I certainly did not work for a Swaraj like that, and am sorry
that I am alive to see what is going on in my unhappy land. To
the rulers I would say that it is no fun ruling a people who have
lost all self-respect ; who regard the taking and giving of bribes
as a matter of course; abd who surrendered themselves to the
position that either one must get into Government and exercise
irresponsible authority, or be a slave to be exploited and
maltreated as may please the powers-that-be."


How much conviction and feeling there must be, one can imagine,
before the above could be written by a veteran Congress-man who
joined in the fight for Indian freedom with Mrs.Beasant first
and then with Gandhiji and served in parliament for many years
before he was appointed Governor of one state after another.
Sri Sri Prakasa is not the only one who feels in this way;
he is one of a great number of good people who feel the same.


Sri Jawaharlal Nehru, urged by patriotic impulse, and early
indoctrination committed the blunder of taking India out of
the path of humility and put it in the race for industrialization,
and did all he could to transform our ideology into that of
Soviet Russia. This was the fatal step that brought us to the
present position out of which it requires not only wisdom but
indomitable courage to save India. Social justice and removal
of disparities of opportunity and equitably distributed welfare
are great and worthy ends. But the fatal mistake was the plan
to achieve this by the shortcut of heavy borrowing and central
planning and permit-license-regime which has brought in its
wake all that makes Sri Sri Prakasa lament so bitterly.


December 18, 1965 Swarajya


Source : Satayam Eva Jeyate   Vol : III  page : 170


Srinithy said...

The problem with India now is that there is no opposition party to make the government run. Whatever they are involved is not opposition to policies but opposition to everything done by a government. CPI has been the worst case. The day they showed the exit to Somnath, they lost all the credibility they had. If Jyoti Basu was able to make CPI win back to back elections, was because he did what was needed instead of just talking just what Prakash Karat does. The party has got itself into just lot of trouble by being in the wrong hands. It lost its base and every credibility it commands. I pity the current condition of CPI wherein a movement is required to completely revive the party.

Unknown said...

I would just like to say that all the party are corrupted.
Corruption in India