Monday, May 02, 2005

MNCs and child labour

Dear Sir,

In your recent article in NR you had mentioned about"...exploiting MNCs...".It is ironical that many people object to and opposeMNCs while enjoying the products and services providedby the same MNCs (Santro Car, PCs, Cameras, TVs, VCDplayers, pharma products, garments, software, etc).Globalisation is not evil. And the very humaneeconomist Prof.Amartya Sen (who is respected by Indianleftists) does not oppose globalisation or MNCS.And the workers are better paid and working conditionsare better with MNC factories in India than localones. And the consumers (both of us included) get bestprodcuts and servies at cheaper prices.And wealth is created which will improve the standardand quality of living. And the taxes paid the MNCs andits employees can be used by the govt to fincane itswelfare or other activites.

Everytime i see a child labourer i feel pained andalsoangry with the RBI printing press at Nasik, whichenables the GoI to print ruppees to fiance its growingdeficts.

Growth in money suppy = inflation + GDP growth rate14 % = 7.5 % + 6.5%and 14% grwoth in money supply per year is solely dueto govt deficts (means borrwings from RBI).Economic laws are ruthless and there is escaping theevil effects of inflation ; and over taxation leadsto evasion and corruption (and creation of blackmoney and black economy).I feel that this has corrputed our souls.

One good e.g is the arrest of Kanchi Sankaracjarya.Large amount of donations was received by him frombusinessmes in cash (black money), and probably withBenami people for him. and though his motive in thebeginning was social service, the black moneyeventually have found its way into wrong hands for wrong uses. All of us who use black money wouldbe corrupted in some way or the other and it makesus loose reapect for the law (whatever may be ourraionalisation or justification). Jayendrar's predecessor never touched any cash andnever ever allowed donations in black. And all moneycould be accounted and spent in a legal manner.

The advent of black money donations (the business mentoo could easily donate large amounts in cash, as allof them generate black money in their dealings)changed all this and the end result is now visible.

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