Monday, May 02, 2005

To : Communists & Socialists of India

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To :
The CPM Politbureau, New Delhi

Dear Sirs,

I am a middle class man working in a private concernin Chennai. I would like to share my views aboutworking class conditions with you.

The unorganised sector constitutes the majority of theworking class : about 91 % ; they are not unionisedand have no security or other benefits.We support privatisation as we feel it will reducecorruptiion, wastage of public funds, and reduce thecost of services and goods ; and increase employement and prosperity in the long run.

In TN, public transport system is to be partiallyprivatised. And naturally your party opposes it onideological grounds. But reality is somethingdiffernt. No one cares for us public who use theinefficent and insufficeint public transport system.If properly liberated from the License Raj (theexisting private bus toutes are sold for lakhs of rupees in black money among the monopoly privateoperators, as you very well know), we belive the bus transport will be efficent and cheap like thelorry transport sector which is efficent and free.We do not have sufficent buses ; and entire publictransport corporations incur losses not because of cross subsidisation or running busues to remote villages. The losses are mainly due to corruption,lack of accountablity, top heavy adminstration andpolitical interferance and nepotism. No one can reformor improve the existing system.If the system is privatised and liberalised like the lorry transport system, then there will be sufficentand cheap buses all over the country.

Yes, there will retrenchment among the govt workers ;they may get jobs with the private bus companies ;the salary may reduce but the buses will be good.May i ask you, why you are bothered only when suchwell paid minority workers loose jobs ; but do notcare when millions of casual labourers (whodesperately need cheap bus transport) loose theirjobs.

Reg bad debts in public sector banks of 75000 crores :Why do only PSU banks have such severe problems ? whyare private banks like LVB, KVB healthy. You do not address the core of the probelm : the corrupt bankemployees who doled out the loans to unethical business men. Blaming the business men alone will notsolve the problem. And the govt of India (means the tax paying public) will have to bear the burden inwriting off these loans. Like UTI fiasco...

The govt of India and the state govts are all bankruptand very soon paying salary for govt employees isgoing to be a struggle.The CPM West Bengal Govt does privatisation and had recently appointed Mackinskey & Co of USA asconsultants for restrutaring process. Can you expain the double standards of CPM in thisregard ??Personnaly i feel that to be a communist, it takesdedication, selfless nature and above all honesty.

The majority of the organsied trade unions (like therailway union members) are dishonest and misuse theirmembership. They do not care for the real prolateriatof India : the unorganised sector, who are exploited,over worked and under paid); that is why the reach ofCPM is shrinking and strikes organised by govt unionsand others get very little attention from the realproletariat. We do not care.

I have yet to meet a honest union leader from INDIAN Railways who has not amassed a fortune by misusing hisposition. Most of these members have bourgeousie mentality and are fascists. Yet you count them as yourcomrades and dream of using them as instruments of revolution.

Swami Vivekanada (a socialistic swami) called for just 100 dedicated and selfless young men to followhim so that he can change the world. The important factor is that he needed honest and selfless youngmen. QUALITY IS VERY IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY.You may dismiss me as a bourgeousie or a revisionist ;but in our opinion you can never in 10000 yearssucceed in bringing in a revolution like October revolution of 1918, WITH THESE PSEUDO COMRADES.

With Regards

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